Health and wellness tailored to you

New Client?
At this time, Deb is accepting workers’ compensation clients only.

Returning Client?
Contact Deb for her current status.

    If you are…
    • In pain
    • Recovering from an injury
    • Worried about your posture or balance
    • Stressed out and need a break

…Deb designs a program specifically for you using a combination of therapies to meet your goals. You may find that not all these approaches are for you – but we’ll figure that out together.

Massage Therapy

Muscles feeling cranky? Tight? Hurting? Ease the pain and ease the muslces that are working too hard or are injured.


Retrain the nervous system through gentle, pain-free movement. Regain muscular control and move optimally again.

Corrective Exercise

Not your typical huff-and-puff. Easy, pain-free movement designed to prevent injury. Not available for workers’ compensation clients.


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